As the O’Jays first sang way back in 1972:

 “People all over the world (you don’t need no money)
Join hands (come on)
Start a love train, love train (don’t need no ticket, come on)”

The Love Train was, and always will be about each one of us recognizing that the truth of who we are is LOVE!

When we embrace this truth, it changes everything! We treat ourselves more lovingly. We treat others with greater kindness and respect. We have compassion for all living things. We see through the eyes of love. We accept this world as transitory. We no longer feel weighed down by the challenges of daily life.

“Start a love train (come on, train), love train

All of you brothers over in Africa
Tell all the folks in Egypt, and Israel, too…”

The times that we are presently experiencing challenge us to either collapse in despair, to distract ourselves through food, alcohol, shopping, Netflix or any number of addictive behaviours, or to embrace the Love Revolution. Just as the pandemic is a worldwide dis – ease, love is the worldwide answer. 

I know that you want to become the kind of person who is described as being loving.

It really sucks when life feels overwhelming. We know, we sometimes feel it too!

You deserve to live free of stress, anxiety and depression.

The world needs your unbridled love more than ever. The Love Train will show you, step by step, how to put into effect the practices that will release your joyful spirit. 

Come and join us on the Love Train as we learn how to:

  • re-write our story
  • change our habitual thought patterns
  • embrace the beauty of who we are
  • attract people into our lives who will recognize, celebrate, encourage, and
  • celebrate our glorious truth. 

Let Mark and Meg tell you about how my previous workshops have helped them:

“This course was foundational for me. It provided me with the tools to experience forgiveness and self-love in a way I never thought possible.  If you want to make room in your life for more joy, I highly recommend it!” (Meg)

“I would definitely recommend this workshop! I would like to stress that for those who aren’t accustomed to this kind of personal growth, you will need an open mind. We all took something powerful away. We took the information and experience into our head and hearts for the weeks, months and years to come.” (Mark)

As a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) with a Master’s degree in Clinical Counselling, and a background as a teacher and school principal, I have helped thousands of people navigate challenging times.

More importantly, I have used these techniques myself to rise above bone crushing heartbreak, loss, anxiety and depression. 

Here’s what you can expect:

  • 5 weeks of daily videos, beginning Oct. 5 (25 in all), which will be available on our private Facebook page.
  • 6 Sunday Zoom calls, beginning Oct. 4, which will allow you to engage with other participants and ask questions about the week’s material
  • 2 live meetings out of doors, presently scheduled for Oct. 10 and 17 from 12:00 – 2:00, with Oct. 24 reserved for rainout days.
  • For those who cannot make the live meetings, we will have a video and handout for you to engage with a friend, or on your own. 
  • 50 plus page booklet with all slides

*** You will be working with a partner to process each day’s work. If you do not sign up with a partner, you will be assigned someone to work with. 

All this for only $150! Save $25, register with a friend, for only $125 each! 

Here’s the Love Certified Guaranteed Satisfaction Plan:

I guarantee that these practices will work if you make a purposeful effort to apply them.

They are simple, yet powerful. They will bring you jaw dropping results if you put them into your life. If you do all the work as suggested, and do not experience transformative results in the first week, we will give you a 100% refund, no questions asked.

Register today at: 

All we need is your name, your partner’s name (if you are registering together), and an etransfer or your credit card details. 

Step one: send us an email at: 

Step two: etransfer or send us your credit card details.

Step three: join our Facebook group (The Love Train)

Step four: jump aboard the Love Train for the ride of your life!

If you prefer to register by phone, please send us your phone number, and we will call you back. 

Registration is limited, so send us an email today.

Listen to this version of the song on YouTube. You can’t help but feel inspired:

This song perfectly demonstrates how, when we are living in love, we can literally change the world!

Just think about all the children on the video who have been impacted by these amazing programmes. Each one of us also has the ability to inspire those around us to live the lives they love. We, like ripples on a pond, touch the lives of those we encounter in powerful ways. 

I am so excited about this opportunity that I will even give it away for free!

Yes, you read that right! If you are also excited, and want to jump on the Love Train, but can’t afford it, simply drop me an email and we will make it happen! 

“Please don’t miss this train at the station
‘Cause if you miss it, I feel sorry, sorry for you”

Still not sure? It’s sad to think that you might miss out on this wonderful opportunity!

It’s just plain wrong for you and your loved ones to let this train go by without you! We want to help you to live the life you love. We stand behind The Love Train. Jump on board today. You will be glad you did! Register today!

Arlene Geres

I am out to change the world, by practicing love no matter what the circumstance! Although I may fall short, I continue to aim toward this ideal, and encourage others to do the same. I am a Licensed Clinical Counsellor, with a Masters Degree from Yorkville University. I specialize in Addictions, Marriage and Family Counselling. I also put on Retreats and online courses in these areas. I look forward to meeting you either in person or online!

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