Hello, Beautiful Friends!

Are you a spiritual traveller longing to live the life you love? Do you hunger to release your inner light, and to share your joy with everyone you meet? Do you yearn to fully heal the pain of your past in order to embrace the beauty, wisdom and delight that is the truth of who you are? Are you someone who deeply cares about justice and equality for all?

Welcome to my world!

I care. I have been where you are. I once despaired of ever finding peace and happiness. My quest led me to becoming a Registered Clinical Counsellor, with a Master’s degree in Counselling. I also have a Master’s degree in Education, and worked as a public school teacher and administrator.

I was born with a curiosity to understand the challenges of being human, and to be of service to those who struggle. I am continually learning and growing personally, emotionally and spiritually. I am committed to being an ally to People of Colour.

In addition to my formal education, I have attended seminars, workshops, read thousands of books, listened to podcasts and taken online courses in the field of human development and diversity. I have worked as a guide to thousands of men, women and children who seek to live a life they love.

In my personal life:

I have travelled far as a mother, wife, wife, grandmother, friend and student. I have learned that every single experience, both the joys and the sorrows have only sharpened my desire to be of service, to be a friend to those who also choose to walk the road of healing. I am particularly helpful to those who understand that we are spiritual beings  having a human experience; those who wish to fully heal the broken places within; those who desire to reach a hand out to those who are still suffering.

For every problem there is a solution. I can help in the following areas:

  • one on one online counselling
  • couples and family online counselling
  • speaking engagements
  • online courses
  • retreats
  • group coaching.

I can help you to discover your inner power. You have the answers inside you. Send me a message and let’s talk about how I can help.

How I Can Help