The Change Process

The Change Process and Coronavirus

Now is the time for rest. 

We are incubating. We are in metamorphosis, a state of becoming. Our culture drives us all to the point of exhaustion. Yet, we have collectively come to a screeching halt, as the Coronavirus shows its power. Work as we know it, easy shopping, travelling, dining out and face to face communication with friends and loved ones is upended. Some of us mourn the end of the “easy” life, of being able to come and go as we please.  Meanwhile, others express delight that nature has finally listened to their silent scream to “stop the world, they want to get off!” 

Yet, our essential workers are more frantic than ever, working long hard hours, constantly wondering if and when they will be struck down. 

They put their own health on the line, perhaps not willingly, but know that they have to keep going. They are unable to enjoy close contact with even their partners and children. Physical distance must be kept in order to minimize the chance of infecting their loved ones. This takes a terrible toll, with no foreseeable relief.  

It has brought us all face to face with our own mortality. 

Those who I have spoken with in the “seniors” bracket say things like: “I have lived a good life. I’m ready to meet my maker. If it comes down to who gets the ventilators, let the young ones have their time.”  

The gift in all this, at least for my husband and I, is that more than ever, we try to treat each day as if it’s our last. 

We work to cherish each moment with each other. Small things take on new meaning, as we are increasingly aware of the preciousness of each moment. 

For those of us who have been given the precious gift of staying in, now is the time to relax. 

We are able to finally give ourselves permission to do nothing or take long walks. We may want to take long baths, read a good book, or reconnect with old friends. This is the time to re-evaluate our lives, to decide what is important, and plan for how we want to spend our time when this is all over. 

The earth also seems to be taking a badly needed rest. 

The birds seem to be singing a little louder. I notice that the whales have come back to our little bay. People report that the air over our major cities has cleared, and waterways are cleaner. 

However, this recovery will be short-lived if we return to our old habits. 

Now is the time to decide. How do we personally want to change our daily habits so that our grandchildren can enjoy a healthy future?

How can each of us minimize our carbon footprint? 

If we are able to work from home now, why not post-coronavirus? If we can streamline our shopping habits, why not later? If we can cook fresh, healthy food at home, why not continue these healthy practices? Change is never easy, but if we are willing to put in the effort, we can maintain these new practices. If we don’t learn from our mistakes, we are bound to repeat them! 

This time of metamorphosis is an opportunity to rest, reflect and recharge. But, it is also a time to purposely decide what we want our future to be like. 

We’re all in this together, let’s seize this opportunity to create the life we love together! Let me know if you would like a copy and I will send it to you. Please encourage your friends to email me if they would like their own copy, and I will add them to my blog list. 

What is most important to you?

 What changes would you like to make when the puzzle pieces fall into place? What kind of support do you need to make these changes? Drop me a line and let me know. I promise to respond to every single one of you!

Love, Arlene

Arlene Geres

I am out to change the world, by practicing love no matter what the circumstance! Although I may fall short, I continue to aim toward this ideal, and encourage others to do the same. I am a Licensed Clinical Counsellor, with a Masters Degree from Yorkville University. I specialize in Addictions, Marriage and Family Counselling. I also put on Retreats and online courses in these areas. I look forward to meeting you either in person or online!